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13 April 2008 @ 02:34 pm
Are there any celebrities you admire?

id have to say 3 people in this world I admire to no end ..

The single most important man . . would have to be JEPHA HOWARD the bassist of The Used. . something about him that has inspired me to be all that I can. To look the way I want to look without passing judgement on myself . . to listen to whatever the fuck I want to listen to .. . and to act however the fuck I want to . . he inspired me to be ME . .

Next I would have to say Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance. . . For the same reasons as Jepha but Frank has also talked to me about beliefs and why I should live my life according to my own itenirary . . He's in the band that really gave me a purpose to wake up every morning when I was low a few years back . . and when I see him . . he always remembers me and what we talked about previously . . He's probably the coolest guy I have ever met/seen/ encountered and hasnt changed or turned his back on fans . . at all. .

LASTLY id have to say would be Mr. John Lennon. i think his overall beliefs and what he stood for and to this day stands for (in death) is amazing. . his push to promote PEACE even in his own troubled times. . He was all about the 5 letters that we will never see making effect. . and that all its own is Heroism . . if that makes sense.

and . . that would be my HEROES. yay?
20 January 2008 @ 01:42 pm
 well. . .Im here. . With IRENE. . and we are sitting here. . entertained by bitchy 12 yearolds and Adam Lazzara. . . 

I made an LJ to ummm.  .. . lurk .

like everyone else :)

Maybe I'll post in this from time to time who knows. .  .

uhh what else?

Im a slave . . . for a record label

the end
20 January 2008 @ 01:17 pm
Long  story short. . 

MY FRIENDS do not want to go anymore. So im selling their tickets. 

here's the link:

Los Angeles - Gibson Amp - Feb 3 , 08

its the matinee noon show :)


they are orchestra.. . and they are pretty good seats. .